BBC Radio 4: Don’t Log Off

Don’t Log Off is a Documentary radio series hosted by presenter Alan Dein, who through Facebook and Skype, talks to random people all around the world about their issues and their life in general. Every episode features many different conversations with many different people about a wide range of subjects, for example, the episode that I listened to (Series 7 episode 4) synopsis states “Tonight he connects with a civil engineering student from Kathmandu two years on from the earthquake that devastated parts of Nepal, a Jamaican living in Panama City who is waiting to fulfil his childhood dream of joining the US army and a man in Tanzania, expecting the birth of his first child.”(1)

The episode was broadcast on Tuesday on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm, this time would be perfect listening time for somebody just finishing work or relaxing at home. The show mostly appeals to an older age group from 18-60 as it isn’t engaging enough for children but it is very interesting for more mature audiences that enjoy hearing about different cultures and lives across the world. The main elements that make up the programme are Alan Dein himself and the interesting people he talks to. Alan also provides context for some the conversation and he directly talks to the listeners of the show, subtle music is also played in the background to help liven up the conversation and keep the listener engaged.

A similar show that’s on BBC Radio 4 Extra is ‘Radio Lab’ on the BBC website its described as “a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and the human experience.”(2) It is a talk show where they place a philosophical or scientific question at the start and discuss it. This show has a much more serious tone than ‘Don’t Log Off’ but it also has a similar mature target audience who are interested in the issues and lives of people all around the world in the past and present day.



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