Video Game High School

Video Game High School (VGHS) is an action/comedy web series that was first uploaded to online video sharing service named YouTube. The story “follows Brian, a young FPS player stuck in a town where he doesn’t belong. His fortunes change when he scores a massive kill against the world’s top amateur player: VGHS senior “The Law” (1). The series was funded through the use of a crowdfunding service called ‘Kickstarter’, but what made people donate to this project?. The people behind the show already had a giant and loyal fanbase through their Youtube Channel ‘FreddieW’ (later changed to ‘Rocketjump’) which featured weekly videos mainly based around creating live-action shorts with video game themes through the use of very high-quality special effects for independent content creators. In 2010, a short film about a real-life portal gun was uploaded to the FreddieW channel setting the template that they would use to thrive.  Real Life Portal Gun represented a leap forward for the channel and foreshadowed VGHS’s success.(2)

The Kickstarter campaign for season one of VGHS had a goal of $75,000 to be raised, but due to the continuous high-quality uploads on Youtube and the loyal fanbase, they raised a staggering $275,725 with 5,661 backers.99f86de19599f13a5fd2dae3a75c6e68.png

According to the show’s creator, Freddie Wong, to make a successful Kickstarter campaign “The perks need to be interesting, especially when it comes to physical goodies. And more importantly, there needs to be an aspect of exclusivity or rarity. We’ve done props from the show, signed poster, and had DVD covers and poster designs that you could only get through the crowdfunding campaigns. Sure, we sell products in our store, but getting something exclusively through the campaign is different”(3) VGHS has a massive cult following, with “more than 110M views for the three-season run”(2) its success is no surprise to me after watching RocketJump’s  high-quality videos for so many years.

I might just go rewatch the series right now in fact…




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