Girl In Space – Podcast

Girl In Space is a science fiction drama podcast about a girl who is stranded in space in a research vessel called the Cavatica which is “slowly deteriorating” (Girl In Space. 2017). She is logging her life through an audio recorder, talking to the listener, but referring to the listener as a character she used to live with on the vessel. This places the listener into the story and helps immerse and emotionally invest them into the story Throughout the first episode, she introduces herself but does not tell us her name, adding much more mystery to the story. She talks with a very sarcastic tone but also she seems optimistic about her life alone.

The podcast was created by Sarah Rhea Werner “from my cramped little home office in South Dakota (!), using a Blue Yeti microphone, my laptop, a piece of audio foam some dude tore off of the wall of a Guitar Center for me, headphones, and a bunch of towels.” Even though it is so low budget, she uses many sound effects to create an ambience to immerse the listener. As she talks, you can hear beeping sounds and the humming fans from the computer in the cockpit of the ship. Later on, when she exits the cockpit, you hear the door open as she enters the enclosed garden where the sound of water running and birds chirping create a familiar atmosphere for the listener.  She describes the garden pod to the listener, “the aviaries are covered in vines and filled with delicate jewel-toned birds”, “The aqueducts are lined with mossy stones and water plants, veined over here and there with roots” (Girl In Space. 2017). This description, along with the ambient background noise of the birds tweeting and generator running all come together to make the listener paint a picture in their mind and immerse them in the story.





Girl In Space. (2017). Episodes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Mar. 2018].


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