Music Video Idea

This week I had to share one of my story ideas for my assignment. It will be a music video for Tom Walkers ‘ Leave a Light On’

If you’re reading this, it’s too late…A young girl no older than 18 sits in her shower in tears, clinching onto a knife, While a figure lies on her bed motionless.

30 minutes earlier…

The girl is slumped on a couch in her flat. Her expression is motionless, she’s gripping a small plastic bag with a miniature white object lying inside, she can’t keep her eyes from it. A man walks into the room with shopping bags and notices the bag in her hand, her expression changes from nothingness to desperation. She quickly hides the bag but it is too late. He approaches her and asks her to hand him the bag, but she shakes her head. Subtle anger builds on the man’s face as he offers his hand to her, but she refuses again. The man stands up and places his hands on his face his eyes riddled with stress and pent-up tension. All he wants is for her to stop. He grabs her and tells her to give him the bag but she just stares at him. he raises his hand like he is about to strike her but holds off.

He grabs her again and tries to take the pill away from her but she swallows it, his face fils with anger and he shoves her away making her fall on the floor, he tells her “I’m sick of this” “You need to stop.” She hastily gets up and tries to leave the room but he won’t let her, he shoves her away again as he stares in anger. Tears rolling down her face, she tries to leave one more time but he slaps her and she collapses in shock. He threatens her and she grabs a knife from the kitchen in self-defence with pure fear in her eyes. She runs out of the room to her bedroom and he chases her. The girl sits on her bed crying as the man runs into her room and goes to attack her, she then thrusts the knife forwards and his eyes widen as he falls onto the bed. The girl stands up and walks to her shower and cries as she realises what she has done.




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