About Me

My name is Luke Crompton I’m from a small town called Southport, on the North West Coast of England; and I’m a Television and Radio student at The University of Salford, based at Media City UK.

I chose this course because I love the media industry and everything to do with it, specifically television and film, I believe there is a solid future for me if I keep pursuing this passion of mine, which I have been following since I was a child, in primary school me and my friends would create these amazing but terrible fan videos with our WWE toy figures we would improvise and voice act all the drama between the toys, I believe this was the main motivation for my love of television and film. I very much enjoy editing videos together and have experimented with many different programmes from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Pro.

One aspect of media production I am particularly interested in is camera operation and everything around that, I love seeing behind the scenes of a media production and I have seen many people doing camera operation and it has intrigued me. At college, we have done many film production projects and I have worked on the cameras in more than a few of them, I co-directed and co-shot a Documentary about the Saltmarsh in my hometown. My first major goal after Uni is to get a Job with the BBC or ITV and that could help my career snowball into something great.